Off to the The Netherlands

Off to the The Netherlands

I've been selling my art for many years and although things have been on the back burner due to injures and now my studies this year, it just goes to show that having a website is important to an artist.

This beautiful piece has found its forever home in The Netherlands with a collector who has purchased off me in the past.

Each piece I create has a deeper meaning and this one is no exception. So when it comes to selling them its still emotional and very exciting.

Multicultural Land an abstract painting by New Zealand artist Collette Fergus

Multicultural Land an abstract nz painting that talks about the many cultures we have in Aoteraroa New Zealand. Each one unique and special in its own right. This is a super long 1500mm x 450mm canvas. There is a mix of artists' quality paints, pastes and gels. It has shiny smooth resin parts, dry crackled effects, silver leaf, micaceous paint which provides a gritty texture with a glitter effect. I've also included a little bit of nature with leaves, seeds, twigs and other effects. I was asked to paint something that a blind person could also appreciate and thats where this comes from. Taking into account our many cultures in New Zealand, this piece is about how we mix, divide and come back together. Contact me for more information on commissioning artwork like this, Collette contemporary New Zealand artist


Posted: Thursday 4 August 2022


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