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  • The Piano
    COMMISSIONED artwork from the original Baby Grand I painted prior.
    1000mm x 800mm x 20mm deep.
    Some palette knife work and otehr textures compliment this piece.
  • Four Seasons
    SOLD A common theme in artwork, this piece was commissioned to fit in with a certain colour scheme. I chose to make the outside edges the same as the wall it was to hang on creating an illusion of being a window for that wall.
  • Cows In Drag
    SOLD One of my favourite pieces. This painting is about how I see the world. Why should things be normal and straight up?!!! George Bernard Shaw said it all - the quote reads - "Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never wer
  • These 'ARE' Sports Shoes
    SOLD Any Diva would understand that these ARE Sports Shoes!
    460mm x 460mm x 40mm deep
    Mixed media acrylic artwork.

    Collette - Contemporary New Zealand Artist

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