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Step into a world of style and elegance with Collette's exquisite collection of dress art. Stunning designs in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. Shop the collection of dress art on my website today and find your perfect match.

If you're a fashion lover, especially of dresses, you'll appreciate the beauty of these watercolour dress paintings. "100 Dresses" has influenced me as an artist since childhood. Here you can find a selection of my historical and contemporary watercolour dress artworks and other dress artworks available for purchase. Remember to check out the SOLD ARTWORKS page for previous paintings. I'm also available for commissioned work if you want to add a unique piece to your collection. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your ideas.


The 100 watercolour Dresses exhibition, was inspired by the book The 100 Dresses by Eleanor Estes in the 1940s. You can find a small selection of pieces from the show available to purchase in the gallery below

100 dresses exhibition wall of artworks

dress painting

  • Jade: Dress Painting
    Watercolour dress from the 100 Dresses collection. 1950s style swing dress in olive greens and golds, a border print like this was a common feature of this era. $40NZD unframed schmincke watercolour paints on paper 210 x 297 mm Dress painting for sale by artist

If you're interested in seeing more of Collette's work in this style or others, be sure to check out her other styles of art as well as visit the Sold Artworks page to see what has gone before.

100 Dresses Exhibition