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Size Zero: Dark NZ Art

Size Zero: Dark NZ Art

Enter the thought-provoking world of New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus. This is  "Size Zero", a mixed-media artwork using high quality artists mediums.

This New Zealand artworks theme looks deep into the complexities of body image issues for our modern day culture and the dangers of diet pills.

Size Zero is a haunting piece in the realms of dark art, that is a commentary on the pursuit of the perfect size zero and a powerful social statement on weight bullying and its detrimental effects on young women and men.

From the 100 Dresses Exhibition, this original NZ artwork measures 1080mm x 1080mm on stretched canvas and is ready to hang. Using striking visual elements and raw emotion, "Size Zero" challenges us to confront our perceptions of beauty and self-worth.

Take your chance to own this one-of-a-kind New Zealand art masterpiece for

$1800.00 NZD

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Body Image

Body image issues refer to negative perceptions or feelings that a person may have about their physical appearance. These can range from mild dissatisfaction to extreme distress and can be influenced by factors such as social media, cultural norms, and personal experiences.

Body image issues may lead to harmful behaviours such as disordered eating, excessive exercise, and body dysmorphia. They can also significantly impact a person's mental health, including depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

 Check out this information on weight and body image disorders and if you have concerns about body image or eating disorders please talk to someone. There is always someone who will help.

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