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Chardonnay Minx - Party Girl Colouring Book

Chardonnay Minx - Party Girl Colouring Book

Chardonnay Minx is a fun loving, wine swilling party girl themed coloring book unlike any other! This is a unique collection of 27 tongue in cheek humorous coloring pages about a girl called Chardonnay, her friend Merlot and silly wine drinking situations like in the office, at the wine cooler and on a trapeze! She’s a little glam and little bit silly but boy is she fun to color! Chardonnay Minx – Party Girl is also a perfect gift for your wine guzzling friends or family. Each coloring page is one-sided so you don't have to worry about ruining the other side of your coloring pages if you use markers or other wet mediums. All pages are Collette’s completely hand-drawn original designs and sayings from simple and easy to slightly more intricate and challenging. Also included are several bonus pages from each of her two books, The Dress Book I & The Dress Book II due out shortly and pages from her site; there is a Tester page so you can test your pens/pencils/markers, paint etc on before using them or practice your color blending, as well as several blotter pages to use between your coloring pages. Also included is Collette’s own special cocktail recipe “Pink Minx” for you to make if you like cocktails of course! You can check out Collette's work, read some reviews or buy printable PDF pages at her Etsy shop at Adult coloring books are known to help reduce stress, calm your thoughts, and relieve anxiety. You can use them to practice mindfulness and meditation and they help you to relax. For a video flip through of the book check out this video below -

Posted: Sunday 17 July 2016

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