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The Pineapple Wedding Cake

The Pineapple Wedding Cake

This weekend I got to attend a wonderful couples amazing wedding, it was the most fun, different and special wedding experience ever and I can honestly say its the best wedding I've ever been to.

This post is about the wedding cake as i was lucky enough to be asked to create it for them and best bit of all they didnt have any rules, regulations or expectations of what I made, they just said make it something to do with pineapples. The wedding theme was Tutti Frutti and when the offical photos come out you will see why! But Im not going to spoil that surprise!

I started planning this cake a couple months ago, it went through several minor changes from the original sketch as I refined it each time to what I felt the bride would like. I went with two tiers, a large 10 inch base and 7 inch second tier with a gumpaste pineapple as the top feature and a dozen tiny pineapples around the top of the bottonm tier.

As you can imagine I was pretty excited by this surprise cake but also a little nervous about things like what colour to focus on, I ordered the "Mr & Mrs'" sign in three colours just in case and only make the final decision a few minutes before taking the cake to the venue!

The next stage was creating the decorations as they needed to set before the big day, I started with the mini pineapples as they were very fiddly and hard to work with during the middle of a heatwave! I made 15 just in case any failed or broke as can happen! 


I made them yellow so the inside when bitten open would look like pineapples, then handpainted each one with food colouring gels in two different types of green, and orange and a yellow and then finished with a coat of pale green shimmer dust. 

Then it was the large pineapples turn. This was a bit harder as I had to create the whole thing from scratch while the tiny ones were created in half molds so they would be sort of uniform...nothing is ever prefect right but thats the beauty of hand made!

The large pineapple was created from hand molded LCM bars to get the shape and then covered with yellow gumpaste which I then handcarved to get the texture, I went and brought a real pineapple to make sure i had a model to work from which came in handy later on also!

You can see the model pineapple in this picture, then the process again of handpainting with the two greens, orange and yellow food colouring gels and a perarly finish with the green shimmer dust as i wanted it to look sparkly! The next stage was to add the leaves, they were made by setting against the side of a wine bottle and around a rolling pin so they would be curly! They were then painted with white food colouring to try and emulate the real pineapple leaves.

Now this is where disaster first struck, the leaves would fall off or break and it tooks 5 days to add them as i could only glue three on per day to prevent further breakage! (I used a special cake decorating glue to do this which works really well but gravity does tend to like to make th leaves fall prior to fully drying and they were so fragile! I literally had to tie them on with string each day until set!

The next stage was baking the cakes, each one took one and half hours to bake and there were three of them, two for the bottom tier and one for the top, doesnt sonud like much but as it was important to me that they were as fresh as possible it meant a long night up late two days before the wedding baking. I cannot even begin to describe the delicious scents of rich buttery chocolate mudcake wafting through the house, it was heavenyl!

Only the best ingredients for my beautiful friends, pure vanilla bean essence and the darkest of cocoas! Each cake had a whole bar of dark chocolate in it, so as you can imagine it was pretty rich to eat!!!


The next stage was the decorating. and as I wanted the top tier to be created from fondant i did that first as it seals in the freshness of the cake. A tip for home bakers, wrap cake in plastic food wrap ensuring its completely sealed and while still warm so they retain thier moisture. I use GLAD® cling wrap as it does the job best.

First I did a decent layer of buttercream as I know fondant isnt that nice to eat so they could peel it off and just eat the buttercream when it comes to eating the top tier. I then rolled out a thin circle of white fondant to seal the cake in with and worked it to fit like a glove! Now for the fun part, remember how I mentioned the model pineapple and how it was going to come in handy. Well i created a silicone mold from the pineapple so i could create a real pineapple texture for the cake. I dont know about you but I found this exciting and couldnt wait to see the finished result. Each section was hand rolled and cut to fit.

Up next was the tiny little sticky out bits (Like what do you call those, they stick out, thats all I know!) I made them out of a little cream coloured fondant and then handpainted each one with a little yellow food colouring as I knew they would need to match the buttercream on the layer below, (Its almost impossible to get buttercream white, beleive me, I used a whole bottle of whitener in my buttercream and it was still not white!

A sprinkle of silver shimmer dust and then set it to dry while I worked on the bottom tier. A mountain of buttercream and a squiggly design, thats pretty much the only style I know other then roses (I will learn something else at some stage but I felt this was a good one for this as it reminded me of fluffy petticoats and thats very wedding style to me!)

I love sparkly things and so does the bride so it was a no brainer to add more shimmer dust all over this tier! Then into the fridge it went, hot temperatures meant it would have to stay there until the last minute as I didnt want it to melt!


Wedding day and its time to put it all together. I inserted the dowels to hold the top tier up, nothing quite like a good support system right! I then dropped the top tier on (I had to google how to put it on without getting my fingers in the buttercream...real world problems!!!) very nerve-wraking this part!

I then piped little cicles around the base of the top tier to tie it in and little blobs for the miniature pineapples to stick to the base and finally adding the large pineapple to the top tier, it had a stick inserted in it when I first started making it as it would give me some way of holding it on the cake and not toppling, it also meant if it was too heavy it wouldnt sink into the cake either because that can actually happen and yes it was quite heavy even with the LCM base!

And last but not least, I addded the 'Mr & Mrs' sign after much delibriation between me and my darling husband,  I let him choose and he chose the gold which i have to agree it was perfect for this!

Anyway i just wanted to share with you how this all came together as I was so proud of the final result and as the brides sister said, (my bestie Lila!) document it all so Ceylene and Blair could see the process themselves. 

Congratulations to you both Ceylene and Blair and thank you again for asking me to create this for you, it was such a pleasure to be able to do it for you. x

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Posted: Sunday 4 March 2018

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