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That 80's Cocktail Bar: Abstract Art

That 80's Cocktail Bar: Abstract Art

The 1980s were an era of vibrant and dynamic cultural shifts characterised by a focus on consumerism and materialism. Cocktail bars of the time embodied this mood with their brightly coloured, glitzy decor and lively atmosphere. From neon lights to eye-catching patterns and unique designs, the 1980s cocktail bar experience was about indulging in excess and living life to the fullest.

Bartenders of the era were no exception, often mixing up colourful and creative cocktails that used a range of exotic fruits and liqueurs. Popular drinks of the time included the Cosmopolitan, the Margarita, and the Long Island Iced Tea, all served in funky glasses and garnished with fruit slices or colourful umbrellas.

Patrons of the bars were also known for their flamboyant attire, with bold patterns, bright colours, and unique accessories being the norm.

This New Zealand abstract art painting by contemporary artist Collette Fergus, perfectly captures the essence of this wild and unforgettable era. Using a mixture of jewel-toned mixed media acrylics, enhanced with gold, silver & copper leaf, and various high-quality gels and pastes, Collette has brilliantly recreated the iconic ambience of 1980s cocktail bars.

Measuring 850mm x 650mm, this New Zealand wall art masterpiece is available for purchase at $670.00NZD, making it an investment in one-of-a-kind, high-quality art that's sure to spark the imagination.

Take advantage of this opportunity to own an original piece of art that captures the vibrant essence of a bygone era. Whether you're a lover of the 1980s or just want to experience the era's cocktail bar vibe, this artwork is a must-have for any collector. Contact us now for more information or to place your order.

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