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Anita Cocktail: NZ Art

Anita Cocktail: NZ Art

"Anita Cocktail" is a contemporary artwork from the Queen of the Whole Universe exhibition that continued though to the Cook Islands.

Featuring Miss Minx soaking in a fabulous bright green Midori Sour cocktail with glorious frangipani flowers, its a true delight. Although sold you too can own a unique Boozehag artwork by Collette a contemporary New Zealand artist. Get in touch now to talk about what you want in your own Miss Minx artwork. 

This is the vibrant and lively world of Chardonnay Minx, a series, and collection of artworks brought to life by the creative genius of New Zealand Contemporary artist Collette Fergus. Inspired by a serendipitous evening of laughter and drinks with a friend. Boozehag as she is known but also Chardonnay Minx, emerges as a charismatic, almost cartoon-like character.

With a touch of the mischievous Lisa Simpson (before she existed!) and a dash of the unabashed boozy glamour from "Absolutely Fabulous," Chardonnay Minx embodies the spirit of wine-swilling and the pursuit of joyfulness. Why not check out the Boozehag for yourself in this playful series where wine and fun become intertwined, allowing you to revel in the sheer delight of Collette's artistic expression?

With over one hundred pieces in this range, the majority of which are personally commissioned by individuals, there's a plethora of unique artworks awaiting your discovery.
Why not embark on an unforgettable journey of self-expression by adding a Chardonnay Minx piece to your collection? Collette will personalise it to your likes making it uniquely you. Get in Touch now!

Brunette boozehag with a cocktail

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