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Boozehag Pop Art: Dina Thirst

Boozehag Pop Art: Dina Thirst

This is the world of Chardonnay Minx, aka Boozehag, at her most captivating and humorous moment.
She indulges in a wine bath in this delightful Pop Art artwork but couldn't resist taking a sip or three. This funny and charming nz painting is perfect for art lovers who also appreciate indulging in a bit of wine.

Measuring 500mm x 400mm, this piece captures the essence of Chardonnay Minx's playful personality. It's vibrant colours and whimsical depiction in a unique pop art style will surely bring a smile to your face and spark conversations among your guests. Don't forget to also read my article about the colour Claret or burgundy, is it wine or just a colour?

Chardonnay Minx aka Boozehag a product of New Zealand contemporary artists imagination has developed a cult following and  the paintings of her unique character are sought after by many.

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Priced at $350.00 NZD, this unique artwork is an exceptional opportunity to add a touch of humour and artistic flair to your collection. Take advantage of the chance to bring home this delightful piece.

Contact us today to make it yours, and let Chardonnay Minx's joyous spirit and love for wine brighten your space.

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