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Art-chitecture: Abstract Art

Art-chitecture: Abstract Art

When architecture meets art we get "Art-chitecture" - a breathtaking mixed media abstract painting that elevates the look and feel of a space to new heights. Abstract artwork created in New Zealand

Measuring 1050mm x 730mm, this unique painting features a stunning blend of artist-quality Golden paints and mediums, resin, silver leaf, glass, and rich textures. with exquiste blending and depth

Drawing inspiration from modern architecture, Collette chose the colour palette of reds, browns, and greys to add a touch of sophistication to this artwork.

While this piece is already sold, take the chance to order your own bespoke artwork. Contact Collette Fergus, a renowned contemporary New Zealand artist, to discuss your ideas and bring your vision to life.

Modern Architecture and Art

Modern architecture and art are intertwined in a dynamic relationship, continuously influencing and inspiring one another. Modern architecture, with its emphasis on functionality, simplicity, and the innovative use of materials, has profoundly impacted the world of art.

The clean lines, geometric forms, and minimalist aesthetics of modern architectural design have influenced various art movements, such as minimalism and abstraction.

Artists have drawn inspiration from the sleekness and efficiency of modern buildings, translating those concepts into their artistic expressions. On the other hand, art has also influenced modern architecture by pushing the boundaries of creativity and experimentation.

Avant-garde art movements, such as cubism and surrealism, challenged conventional norms and encouraged architects to explore new possibilities in spatial design. As a result, architects began to incorporate abstract forms, unconventional shapes, and artistic principles into their creations, blurring the line between art and architecture.

This reciprocal influence continues to evolve, with modern architects and artists continually inspiring and pushing each other to new heights of creativity, resulting in the fusion of functionality and artistic expression that characterizes the contemporary architectural and artistic landscape.

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