Eight Days to go......

Eight Days to go......

Eight days to go until my exhibition “It’s All about Me…..ow!” opens so things are extremely hectic around here as Im sure you can imagine.

Its not as simple as painting a few artworks (The most important bit!) hanging the artwork and putting on a few drinks for the people you sent invites out to, there is a heck of a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that has one pulling out their hair at times trying to get it all done.

I’ve been producing my own wines for over a year now; one of the goals for that being able to supply some of the wine for my own exhibitions as part of the grand marketing scheme of things! So as you can imagine there has been a fair amount of time put into this show in that regards already! That’s all sorted now it’s bottled and boxed and ready to go but what about all the other stuff……?

The paintings are coming along nicely, Im really happy with the results and think they will be well received, it’s all the other stuff Im stressing about, like catering, hanging the work, paperwork, final varnishing and finishing like stringing and labelling, glass hire, costumes for the waitresses, if Ill have time to get nails done (Just kidding!) sign-writing, price lists and stuff like that!


All my exhibitions have something different about them, as I like people to feel comfortable and relaxed, I don’t do the stuffy formal style of show, its too intimidating for Jo Public and makes them hesitant to come along. Exhibition openings to me are a celebration of the artists work and that they managed to get it all together and show it to the world, they’re not a hard sell environment, if someone wants to buy something, grand….I’m only too happy to get out the eftpos, but I don’t like people to feel they are there for that reason alone. The work tends to sell itself and for me, I prefer to concentrate on enjoying my friends and family taking the time to come and celebrate with me. It’s a good chance to meet new people and get your name out there a bit more, which is something important if you take your marketing seriously.


So what is the point of today’s post, well its actually more about the fact that because I’ve been so busy preparing this show, I somehow have managed to get behind by two days in my blog and I want to explain that I will be catching up at some stage over the next few days, so if you see more than one post that’s me catching up on the back issues.

I plan on talking about things like Chinese painting and by that I don’t mean the HKH stuff, but actual Chinese style of painting, cartooning and caricature, tattooing, the art of coffee making, what the heck are web blogs for those who don’t really understand what its all about and a new technique 9Actually it’s a really old technique, but its newly revived.) called Scratch-boarding, so watch this space if any of those subjects  interest you.

Posted: Tuesday 27 April 2010


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