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Behind the Mask: Pop Art Lips

Behind the Mask: Pop Art Lips

Embark on a heartwarming journey of resilience and positivity with this remarkable nine-piece popart nz artwork collection of smile paintings by New Zealand artist Collette Fergus. Born out of the challenging times of the Covid era, each canvas tells a story of hope and joy, reminding us to find reasons to smile even in the most difficult moments.

Measuring 100mm x 100mm, each canvas features a vibrant cartoon mouth that radiates infectious positivity. These charming pieces are meticulously crafted and ready to hang, effortlessly brightening up any space with their cheerful presence.
What makes this collection even more remarkable is the story behind it. Created during a Covid lockdown, artist Collette embarked on a daily artistic venture, producing one piece per day. This dedicated effort resulted in a pictorial montage that she shared on Instagram, filling her profile with smiles and spreading positivity far and wide.

Now, you can own original popart nz artwork from this inspiring project. Priced at $270.00 NZ, this collection is a testament to the resilience and creativity that can flourish even during challenging times. Each painting is a treasure that encapsulates the power of a smile and serves as a daily reminder to embrace positivity.
Take the chance to bring home this exceptional collection, meticulously crafted during a time when smiles were needed the most.

Contact Collette an NZ artist, today to make these heartwarming artworks a part of your collection and let their vibrant energy uplift your spirits. Embrace the power of positivity and own a piece of art that resonates with hope, joy, and resilience.

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