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Rachel: Dress Painting

Rachel: Dress Painting

Indulge in the allure of the 'Rachel Dress' from the captivating 100 Dresses collection. With its stunning fitted sheath dress saturated in a rich, warm orange palette, this watercolour dress tells a beautiful story. A side flounce gracefully cascades into a billowing train, adding an element of movement and drama. At the same time, a stunning pleated halterneck completes the ensemble.

Crafted with love, this artwork is brought to life using Schmincke watercolour paints on paper, measuring 210 x 297 mm.

The bold choice of warm orange hues and the artist's adept use of watercolours converge to create a visually striking composition. This artwork invites admirers to appreciate the intricate design elements that define the charm of this sheath dress.

Offered at $40 NZD unframed, this dress painting embodies artistic prowess and creative expression. Beyond its representation of fashion, it serves as an invitation to explore the intersection of colour, form, and style. A harmonious blend of sophistication and vibrancy, this artwork beckons connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the unique beauty and craftsmanship within the canvas.

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