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Purple Flip-Flops: New Zealand Art

Purple Flip-Flops: New Zealand Art

"Purple Flip Flops" is a kiwiana paintng of the favoured rubber footwear called jandals by New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus.

Why not take a journey to relive the pure bliss of past beach days, where vibrant colours and exquisite styles intertwine to create this truly memorable artwork?

This small yet impactful painting is a testament to the beauty of Kiwiana, encompassing the essence of a time when every footstep in the sand and every whisper of the ocean breeze carried a sense of enchantment.

Beyond its visual allure, this beautiful New Zealand Flip Flops artwork holds the power to awaken your senses and stir your emotions. Close your eyes and let your imagination carry you back to those cherished beach moments:

The sound of seagulls soaring overhead,
The scent of saltwater mingling with the warm breeze
And the sensation of soft sand shifting beneath your feet

With Collette's New Zealand art work gracing your walls, you can recreate these sensory experiences at will, creating a sanctuary where beach days are eternal.
Although this specific artwork has found its forever home, other similar pieces from the Jandals collection await discovery or you can simply commission your own version.

Step into the Artworks Gallery, where other paintings await. Each piece is a testament to the artist's passion and skill, offering you the opportunity to own a slice of the Kiwiana celebration.

The artist's meticulous use of artist-quality Golden paints, gels, and pastes, combined with the expert incorporation of auto glass, ensures that each artwork is a true work of art.

Measuring 250mm x 250mm, this small yet captivating mixed-media artwork is presented on a stretched canvas, elegantly poised and ready to grace your favourite space. Its compact size makes it a versatile addition to any room, whether a cosy nook or a focal point in a collection of artworks.

Take the first step towards making this enchanting artwork like this your own, by contacting us today. We will be delighted to provide more information or assist you in acquiring your own version of this stunning New Zealand Flip flops jandal painting.

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