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Ethereal Dress: NZ Dress Art

Ethereal Dress: NZ Dress Art

Step into the hauntingly beautiful world of New Zealand contemporary artist, Collette Fergus' Ghost Dress series with Ethereal Dress. This stunning mixed media painting captures the delicate intricacies of a vintage lace dress, with its muted teals and creams adding an ethereal quality to the piece.

As you gaze upon the painting, you'll be transported to a world of ghostly figures and timeless beauty. Each brushstroke is infused with the artist's unique vision and skill, creating a work that is both captivating and hauntingly beautiful.

Although Ethereal Dress has been sold, you can commission your own unique painting inspired by the Ghost Dress series or check out the other pieces still available in the Dress Gallery.

Contact Collette today to learn more and experience the timeless allure of Collette Renee Fergus' captivating art.

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