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King Charles - Pet Portrait by NZ Artist

King Charles - Pet Portrait by NZ Artist

"King Charles" is a mixed-media acrylic painting by the talented artist Collette Fergus, hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand. This pet portrait is unlike any other, bearing the hallmark of Collette's artistry, where she transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Collette has gained recognition for her unique approach to pet portraiture, infusing her works with quirky elements that add a touch of whimsy.

In "King Charles," she pays homage to the British King Charles III through a charming twist – a proud King Charles Cavalier Spaniel adorned with the iconic crown.


This original artwork, presented on a stretched canvas, is available for $570.00 NZD, allowing art enthusiasts to own a piece that melds regal and playful elements.

Measuring 460mm x460mm x 40mm deep

However, Collette, a contemporary artist in New Zealand, also offers the opportunity to commission personalised pet portraits.

Collette is the artist to approach if you've ever dreamed of immortalising your cherished fur baby in art. Her unique style and passion for capturing the essence of pets shine through in every piece she creates.

Don't miss the chance to celebrate your furry companion in a way that's as unique as they are – reach out to Collette today and start your journey to turning your precious pet into a work of art you can keep forever.

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