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This Is Your Cat: Pop Art Pet Portrait by Collette

This Is Your Cat: Pop Art Pet Portrait by Collette

"This Is Your Cat" is a vibrant pop art pet portrait by the talented artist Collette Fergus, based in Hamilton, New Zealand. This artwork exemplifies Collette's knack for transforming beloved pets into captivating contemporary art pieces.

A Cat Called Riker

In "This Is Your Cat," Collette brings the characterful Riker to life, capturing his unique personality with bright pop art features. Riker, known for his prominent fang from his spirited adventures, is immortalised in this striking piece. The artwork not only celebrates Riker's individuality but also showcases Collette's distinctive style.

Although "This Is Your Cat" has already been sold, it serves as a perfect example of the extraordinary pet portraits Collette creates. This original artwork was presented on a stretched canvas, measuring 460mm x 460mm x 40mm deep, offering a bold and playful homage to its feline subject.

Collette Fergus, a contemporary artist in New Zealand, offers personalised pop art pet portraits, bringing the same level of vibrancy and personality to each commission.

Get Your Pet Painted Now In A Pop Art Pet Portrait

If you've ever wanted to immortalise your cherished pet in art, Collette is the artist to turn to. Her unique style and passion for capturing the essence of pets shine through in every piece she creates. Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate your furry friend in a way that's as unique as they are – reach out to Collette today to commission your own pop art pet portrait and turn your precious pet into a lasting work of art.

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