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I can wait!: Cat Pet Portrait

I can wait!: Cat Pet Portrait

Take a mesmerising journey where the worlds of cats and birds intertwine in a captivating artwork like "I Can Wait!" by Collette Fergus, a New Zealand artist.
Picture a tranquil scene where time seems to stand still. As the birds flit and soar above, cats patiently wait below, their gaze fixed upon the ethereal flight above.

In this extraordinary piece, a magnificent black cat locks eyes with a bird, their connection filled with curiosity and a touch of playfulness. The bird teases with a flick of its tail, sending a solitary feather floating through the air. The cat remains poised, displaying a sense of grace and restraint.

This captivating artwork, measuring 460mm x 460mm, is expertly crafted on a stretched canvas using a mixed-media approach. The combination of various artistic elements including high-quality artists paints, gels and mediums creates a visually stunning and emotionally evocative piece that captures the essence of this intriguing moment.

Renowned New Zealand contemporary artist, Collette Renee Fergus, has poured her artistic vision into this remarkable creation. Her profound understanding of the interplay between animals and the natural world shines through, imbuing the artwork with depth and meaning.

While this particular artwork has already found its forever home, you have the extraordinary opportunity to commission Collette to create a unique pet portrait that reflects your furry companion's individuality and beloved identity.

With meticulous attention to detail, Collette can enhance your pet's features, remove any imperfections, and capture their essence in a way that will forever hold cherished memories.
Given the high demand for Collette's talent, time is of the essence. So don't hesitate to start a conversation about your ideas and inspirations for your own pet portrait. Each commissioned piece is a collaborative journey, ensuring the final artwork becomes a genuinely personalised and cherished masterpiece.

Celebrate the beauty and connection between cats, birds, and our beloved pets through art. Secure your place among the limited commission slots and let Collette's artistic prowess create an everlasting tribute to the unique spirit of your furry friend.

Act now and embark on this remarkable creative venture that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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