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Dress ups: Pet Portrait

Dress ups: Pet Portrait

Edelweiss, the bi-coloured eye cat, was a beloved pet and friend to his owner. In this pet portrait, he is depicted in a costume of angel wings and pom-poms, a tribute to his sweet and loving personality. Although the original picture may be sold, it is an example of what the artist can create for your unique pet portrait.

As an experienced contemporary New Zealand artist, Collette Fergus can capture your pet's personality in a way that truly reflects their unique identity.

Using a mix of media, such as high-quality pastes and gels, she can add in special features or remove unwanted elements to create a portrait that perfectly represents your furry friend.

A large portrait like this one, measuring 1000mm x 760mm x 40mm deep, would cost around $1500 NZD. However, pricing and size can be customised based on your specific needs and ideas.

Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your pet portrait project, as Collette Fergus receives many commissions and time is limited.
Having a pet portrait is a unique way to remember and honour your furry companion, even after they're no longer with us. As a treasured memory, a pet portrait can provide comfort and joy for years to come.

Contact Collette Fergus to learn more about creating your own unique pet portrait.

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