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In Orange: New Zealand Flip Flops Art

In Orange: New Zealand Flip Flops Art

Another Kiwi iconic nz  art piece featuring footwear jandals by New Zealand contemporary artist, Collette Fergus.

When you look at this artwork, you will be transported back to the sun-kissed shores, where the soft warm sand caresses your toes and sparkling waves lapped at the shore. 

In this celebration of Kiwiana, each piece of Collette's New Zealand Flip Flops Art becomes a unique expression of the beach experience. The vibrant seaside colours with a pair of flip flops will evoke a sense of joy and vitality, reflecting the vibrant spirit of beach days gone by.

With a pair of old flip flops against shades of azure blue and teal green that mimick the hues of the ocean, and glass fragments that capture the light and glint invitingly. These beachy artworks of New Zealand flip flops become a portal to the past, a tangible connection to the memories that have shaped your love for the seaside.

Beyond its visual allure, this mesmerising artwork holds the power to awaken your senses and stir your emotions. Close your eyes and let your imagination carry you back to those cherished beach moments:

Can you hear sound of seagulls soaring overhead?
Smell the scent of saltwater mingling with the warm breeze?
And feel the sensation of soft sand shifting beneath your feet?

With Collette's artwork gracing your walls, you can recreate these sensory experiences at will, and create a sanctuary where those beach days are eternal.

Although this specific flip flops artwork has gone to its forever home, there other similar pieces from the collection that await your discovery.

To see more, either step into the Contemporary Artworks Gallery, or take a look at more in this Sold Artworks Gallery where other paintings await your admiration.  Because if you desire a bespoke creation, Collette can create your own version just for you. 

Measuring 250mm x 250mm, this small yet captivating mixed-media artwork is presented on a stretched canvas, ready to grace your favourite space. Its compact size makes it a versatile addition to any room.

And lets not forget, that the carefully chosen materials and impeccable craftsmanship ensure that this artwork will be enjoyed for generations to come.

So whether you are an avid art collector, or a beach enthusiast, or even someone who simply seeks beauty in every facet of life, Collette's flip flops artworks will capture your heart.

It's vibrant colours and exquisite style serve as a visual symphony, resonating with your deepest emotions and inviting you to embrace the beauty of beach memories.

Get in touch with us today. We will be delighted to provide more information or assist you in acquiring your own version of this stunning New Zealand Flip Flops art piece.

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