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In Red with white stripe: NZ Flip Flop art

In Red with white stripe: NZ Flip Flop art

Let's take a journey to relive the pure bliss of beach days gone by. Allow yourself to be captivated by vibrant colours and exquisite styles in an artwork that embodies cherished memories.

This gorgeous small NZ artwork celebrates Kiwiana, is a special look at New Zealand flip flops the footwear of choice in this beach paradise. Here you can feel the sand between your toes and the refreshing ocean breeze.
Close your eyes and imagine those precious moments at the beach, where slipping out of your flip flops effortlessly led to the soft sand embracing your feet. With Collette's magnificent artwork adorning your walls, you hold power to transport yourself back to those idyllic days whenever your heart desires.

Although this small yet mesmerising mixed-media artwork titled "Red with white stripes" has already found its forever home, there are other equally remarkable pieces awaiting discovery in the Jandals collection, available for sale in the Artworks Gallery.

Alternatively, why not order your own personalised version? Collette's meticulous use of artist-quality Golden paints, gels, and pastes, expertly combined with auto glass, ensures that each creation is a masterpiece in its own right.

Measuring 250mm x 250mm, these Jandal artworks are flawlessly presented on a stretched canvas, ready to be proudly displayed in your favourite space. And better yet the carefully chosen artist-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship guarantee that a piece like this will be cherished for generations to come.

Whether you are an avid art connoisseur or simply a beach enthusiast, "Red with white stripes" is a New Zealand flip flops artwork that's vibrant colours and exquisite style form a visual symphony, harmonising with your deepest emotions and beckoning you to embrace the beauty of beach memories.
Take the first step towards making an enchanting piece like this your own by reaching out to us today. We are here to provide further information and assist you in acquiring your own personalised version of this stunning artwork.

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