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Pink Bra: NZ Breast Cancer Painting

Pink Bra: NZ Breast Cancer Painting

"Pink Bra" is a powerful symbol of unwavering strength and resilience. Created with a profound purpose, this extraordinary artwork pays homage to the cause of breast cancer awareness.

This particular cause resonates deeply with the artist Collette, a New Zealand contemporary artist who herself battled and triumphed over this formidable disease not once but twice.

"Pink Bra" is more than just a painting; it is a heartfelt testament to the indomitable spirit of survivors and a pink beacon of hope for those currently fighting the battle.

Meticulously crafted with a blend of mixed media techniques, this stunning piece boasts a mesmerising fusion of vibrant colours, glitter accents, and delicate bubbles that capture the essence of life itself.

"Pink Bra" was generously donated to support breast cancer charities to serve as a catalyst for change. This artwork was featured at a Breast Cancer Awareness event in October 2009 at Centreplace Hamilton to raise funds crucial for further research, support, and education.

Let us stand together, united in the fight against breast cancer, forging a future where hope and healing prevail.

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