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Semi-Retired: New Zealand Flip Flops Art

Semi-Retired: New Zealand Flip Flops  Art

While this enchanting mixed media artwork of "Semi-Retired" has found its forever home, you too can commission your own version.

Picture a tale of two jandals on the edge of retirement, weathered by countless adventures yet cherished beyond measure. In hues of blue and playful pink, their vibrant personalities shine through.

This particular piece measures 400mm x 300mm and is a celebration of well-worn memories.

Created with loving care and attention, Collette weaves a captivating narrative through a harmonious blend of glass and resin. Every brushstroke, every texture, reveals the essence of beloved flip flop jandals, telling a story that is uniquely yours to tell. From the delicate cracks in the glass to the smooth layers of resin, each element adds depth and character, breathing life into your personal version.

So why not commission your own bespoke New Zealand Flip Flops artwork, a creation that encapsulates the essence of your unique story, crafted with the same passion, skill, and attention to detail?

Imagine a piece that captures the spirit of your relationship, symbolised by both of your favourite pairs of flip flop jandals that echo the memories of your most unforgettable beach escapades. With the artist's expertise and your personal touch, this commissioned artwork will uniquely express your narrative. This can be an heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.

Commission your own unique artwork that captures your story. Talk to us now, and you too can embrace the beauty of a jandal's artwork in your home.

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