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The Cat in the Hat Stares Back: NZ Abstract Art

The Cat in the Hat Stares Back: NZ Abstract Art

"The Cat in the Hat Stares Back" is a genuinely unique abstract art painting by the renowned contemporary New Zealand artist Collette Fergus. Inspired by the whimsical world of Dr Seuss and his iconic Cat in the Hat character, this artwork is a testament to Fergus's artistic vision and creative prowess.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of colours, where vibrant reds, rich browns, cool whites, and deep greys merge harmoniously. This mixed media masterpiece combines high-quality artist mediums with a touch of nature and glimmering auto glass, captivating and mesmerizing the viewer with its depth and allure.

Spanning an impressive size of 1000mm x 760mm, "The Cat in the Hat Stares Back" is a true standout. This artwork earned the esteemed merit award at the Royal Easter Show in 2012, showcasing Fergus's exceptional talent and artistic achievement. It is a testament to her skill and creativity, marking a significant milestone in her artistic journey.

While this extraordinary artwork has found its forever home, other captivating pieces are available in this exclusive collection at the Contemporary Artworks Gallery. However, why not embark on a unique artistic adventure by commissioning a bespoke version crafted exclusively for you?

Embrace the charm and allure of "The Cat in the Hat Stares Back," and let it transport you to a realm of whimsy and wonder. Contact us now to unlock the secrets of obtaining your own unique masterpiece, and let the magic of art transform your space into a sanctuary of inspiration and creativity.

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