The Winners Ball

The Winners Ball

I've always been fascinated by round paintings and anything vintage, the idea of creating a three dimentional looking ball series was too irrisistable. The gorgeous crackle effect gives a lovely worn look to the balls and an interesting texture. Rather than nice shiny new ones as my grandson thought would be cool, I opted for the worn 'lived in' look on sports equipment on its last look, hense the name 'The Last Game'

I like to think this ball has seen many things and lived a much loved life just like the art lover who may purchase this will imagine too.

As with most of my artwork I like to research my suject and wanted to know why cricket balls are red? Apparently players used to have trouble seeing the white ball during the day and along with wearing white while playing it made it harder to see a white ball. I also learnt that the red ball although the iconic colour is not the only one, they do still use white for night cricket as the red ball is hard to see when its dark, while the white ball is unsuited to first-class cricket because it deteriorates rapidly and cannot be used for eighty overs as specified in the rules, so there is also a pink ball which was designed to provide a satisfactory compromise on both issues. Who would have thought!


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