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Two Men - New Zealand Art

Two Men - New Zealand Art

Step into the intriguing world of surrealism with a captivating artwork that tells the story of two men bonding over a cup of coffee. "Two Men' by NZ artist Collette Fergus a contemporary artist based in the Waikato. A unique piece of New Zealand Art.

Brimming with symbolic elements, this piece weaves a narrative of celebration and acceptance of life with a twist of personal significance. While the open bottle of wine, adorned with a label merging Bollinger and Moet, represents moving past the association with alcohol, the decision to give it up adds a layer of personal growth and transformation to the artwork.

The Spanish translation of "Dos Hombres" on the bottle holds ancestral significance, nodding to the artist's heritage although this artwork is not about her. Delve deeper into the piece, and you'll discover enigmatic elements like the two tarts that signify being the same, and the dripping candles signify the need to take time, inviting you to unravel their deeper hidden meanings.

The spilled coffee beans serve as a statement, suggesting that these men are ready to "spill the beans" and share their truths. Ultimately, this artwork is a profound reflection of acceptance, love of life, and the simple joy of two individuals coming together over coffee.

With dimensions of 900mm x 600mm x 35mm, this captivating piece is a stunning addition to any art collection.

This New Zealand art work has found its forever home but talk to Collette now about developing a piece that speaks of your life in a surrealist style. Check out the FAQ Page about Commissions too.

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