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  • Princess Timothy Anne
    How to give an animal identity issues. I'm sure the vet wonders about us and our cat naming! This is my daughter's cat and yes thats his name!

    300mm x 400mm
    $340 NZD

    Copyright Collette Fergus New Zealand Contemporary Artist
  • I can wait!
    SOLD Cats have all day and the birds can't stay up there all that time surely. The black cat gazes at the bird as it flicks a solitary feather at her. Waiting.....waiting.....waiting patiently below.
    460mm x 460mm
    Stretched canvas mixed media artwork.
    New Zealand contemporary Artist Collette Renee Fergus
  • Black Cat Night I
    Small abstract mixed media panel of black cats at night. Cats eyes stand out from the dark bushes and give their location away.
    Every dog has his day - but the nights are reserved for the cats.
    200mm x 400mm stretched canvas
    New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Renee Fergus

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