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  • Art-chitecture
    SOLD Mixed media abstract measuring 1050mm x 730mm. Resin, silver leaf, glass and lots of texture. This abstract is based around reds, browns and greys and the theme of architecture.
    $1000.00 NZD

    Collette Fergus contemporary artist
    artiste contemporain
    Künstler der Gegenwart
    artista contemporáneo
  • Aotearoa Monarch
    SOLD Mixed media textured artwork featuring my favourite butterfly the monarch.
    Close up image also available.
    Measuring 300mm x 900mm
  • The Bachelors Couch
    SOLD Mixed media triptych using warm browns and reds. Lots of texture make this three piece really tactile. Quality olden range mediums used.

    780mm (including spaces) x 360mm x 35mm deep
  • The Treaty
    A contemporary piece about the issues surrounding the treaty of Waitangi, an issue that is very big here in New Zealand.
    My thoughts are, that most people have no idea what the treaty actually says and should make the effort to find out. Currently a copy of the original treaty is touring NZ to help educate the general population about it more.
    This piece features a map of New Zealand and comes with an attached magnifying glass so if you are unable to read the tiny words in the centre, it will
  • Abstract Lily
    A commissioned work for a beautiful new home. Using the lily flower as a basis, this piece was worked with colours that the owner likes and abstracted to create a totally different effect to the beautiful realist style artwork this couple already ha
  • Multi Cultural Land
    Multi Cultural Land an abstract piece that talks about the many cultures we have in Aoteraroa New Zealand. Each one unique and special in its own right.
    This is a super long 1500mm x 450mm canvas. Its mixed media using artists quality paints, pastes and gels it has shiny smooth resin parts, dry crackled effects, silver leaf, micaceous paint which provides a gritty texture with a glitter effect, a little bit of nature with leaves, seeds and twigs and other effects. I was asked to paint something that a blind person could also appreciate and thats where this comes from.
    Taking into account our many cultures in New Zealand, this piece is about how we blend and divide and come back together.

    Collette Fergus - Contemporary New Zealand Artist
    artiste contemporain
    Künstler der Gegenwart
    artista contemporáneo
  • Cocktail Party
    SOLD Cocktail Party is an artwork based on the brightly coloured bottles and bright lights in a cocktail bar of the mid eighties, my teenage years! A mixed media piece painted mainly in acrylics and highlighted with metallic silver, This is a large artwor
  • Picasso's Lover
    SOLD Picasso's Lover is a sensual nude, fractured to create a more interesting perspective making it viewable as not just a nude but a reflection on things that create interest as an artform not just the body. using my trademark eye as a symbol, I felt th
  • Those Old Brown Shoes
    SOLD mixed media piece featuring shoes and boots in warm browns and rich creams with a hint of real lace and other media...going to auction this Wednesday 7th June 2006 for the True Colours Charity Art Auction. Enquires to Annah Stretton of Ann
  • More
    SOLD 800mm x 1000mm x 20mm deep. An Abstract of, you guessed it! Subtle when viewed as the actual artwork in a normal environment, but very obvious when you see it from a distance or in small format as in on here. Acrylics in beige, white, cream
  • The Cat in the Cat struck back
    Sold - Mixed media artwork, artists gels and pastes with golden paints and extra bits and pieces. Merit award Auckland Easter Show 2012

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