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Catherine: Dress Painting

Catherine: Dress Painting

From the 100 Dresses collection, step into regal elegance with the 'Catherine Dress'. This full-length gown, adorned in rich red with opulent purple accents, pays homage to the inspiration drawn from Catherine, Queen in waiting.

The gown is a testament to grace, featuring jewelled embellishments strategically placed throughout and a sophisticated crossover bodice. Executed with finesse, this artistic creation is rendered in Schmincke watercolour paints on paper, measuring 210 x 297 mm.

The choice of regal red, complemented by royal purple accents, infuses this gown with a sense of majesty and sophistication. The jewelled areas add a touch of opulence, while the carefully crafted crossover bodice contributes to the overall regal allure.

Available for acquisition at $40 NZD unframed, this dress painting invites admirers to delve into the artist's interpretation of royalty and refined beauty. Beyond its representation of fashion, it is a homage to historical inspiration, offering a visual narrative that sparks appreciation for the intricate details that define this regal masterpiece.

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