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Snapped: New Zealand Art

Snapped: New Zealand Art

This is the vibrant and lively world of Chardonnay Minx, a captivating series and collection of artworks brought to life by the creative genius of New Zealand Contemporary artist Collette Fergus.

The inspiration for this whimsical collection emerged from a serendipitous evening filled with laughter and drinks shared with a friend.
Affectionately known as Boozehag and, alternatively, Chardonnay Minx, this charismatic, cartoon-like character exudes a playful spirit.
Think of Lisa Simpson's mischievous charm combined with the boozy glamour of "Absolutely Fabulous." Chardonnay Minx becomes the embodiment of the joyous pursuit of wine-swilling and exuberance.

You can explore Boozehag's world through this playful series, in which the worlds of wine and fun seamlessly intertwine, inviting you to revel in the sheer delight of Collette's artistic expression.

Comprising over two hundred unique pieces, most personally commissioned by individuals, this collection offers many artworks waiting to be discovered.

This particular piece has found its forever home. Still, you too can join us on an unforgettable journey of self-expression by adding a Chardonnay Minx piece to your collection. Collette Fergus will personalise it to your liking, ensuring it becomes a unique reflection of you. Take the opportunity to get in touch and immerse yourself in the world of Chardonnay Minx—a celebration of individuality and artistic joy.

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