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Iva Fetish: NZ Pop Art

Iva Fetish: NZ Pop Art

'Iva a Fetish,' a delightful masterpiece from the Boozehag Series that looks tongue-in-cheek at the world of drag queen names and the dark, shadowy world of fetishes. 

Painted for the Queen of the Universe a New Zealand Drag Queen show as part of a series, It unveils the vivacious realm of Chardonnay Minx by the brilliant Collette Fergus. This charismatic character, born from wonderfully fun evenings filled with laughter and drinks, exudes the unabashed boozy glamour reminiscent of Patsy and Edina's 'Absolutely Fabulous.'

Here, you can immerse yourself in the playful Boozehag series, where wine and fun intertwine, inviting you to revel in over a hundred personally commissioned artworks. Each piece, a unique gem waiting to be discovered, captures the essence of joy and merriment.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of self-expression by adding a bespoke Chardonnay Minx piece to your collection. Collette Fergus, the creative genius, is ready to personalise it to your liking, ensuring it reflects your individual taste and style.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this vibrant and lively world.

Unveiling the World of Fetishes: A Playful Exploration

Fetishes is a term often enveloped in mystery, curiosity, and, sometimes, a touch of humour. Let's demystify the concept and take a playful stroll through the realm of fetishes, Boozehag style!

It's a unique way individuals add spice to their lives, exploring desires beyond the ordinary. Now, in the whimsical world of Boozehag, where laughter and wine are key ingredients, fetishes take on a cheeky and light-hearted twist.

Picture this: a "Wine Glass Whispering" fetish, where the clink of glasses becomes an intimate conversation. The "Cork Pop Choreography" fetish, where the celebratory pop of a cork transforms into a dance of effervescent joy. "Grape Stomping Ballet" fetish is an ode to the sensory pleasure of every step in the winemaking process. "Bubbly Bubble Baths" fetish because, in Boozehag's world, even a bath can be a celebration. And, of course, the "Sassy Sommelier Role-Play" fetish, uncorking fantasies with flair.

It's important to note that fetishes are as diverse as individuals themselves. What sparks excitement for one might not resonate with another, and that's perfectly okay. Embracing fetishes is about understanding personal desires, fostering open communication, and, most importantly, having fun.

In Chardonnay Minx and the Boozehag Series, fetishes are celebrated with a wink, a sip of wine, and a burst of laughter. They become a playful extension of the joyfulness embodied by these charismatic characters.

So, whether you're curious, intrigued, or just looking to add a touch of whimsy to your life, fetishes in the world of Boozehag are an invitation to explore, embrace, and celebrate the unique desires that make each of us wonderfully individual.

Cheers to a world where even fetishes are served with a side of laughter and a splash of creativity! 

Funny Boozehag-Approved Fetishes:

  1. Wine Glass Whispering – Because glasses have stories, too!
  2. Cork Pop Choreography – A dance of celebratory bubbles.
  3. Grape Stomping Ballet – Where every step is a burst of flavour.
  4. Bubbly Bubble Baths – Sip, soak, and sparkle.
  5. Sassy Sommelier Role-Play – Uncorking fantasies with flair.

In Chardonnay Minx's world, fetishes are as fabulous as the art on your walls. Let your collection tell a story as unique as you are. Get in touch, darling, and let the artful journey begin!

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