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Hypnotic Blonde: Boozehag PopArt NZ

Hypnotic Blonde: Boozehag PopArt NZ

This is the whimsical world of Chardonnay Minx, the beloved persona behind the enchanting Boozehag series. This mini portrait boozehag painting, measuring 300mm x 300mm, is a delightful popart nz style artwork crafted with a unique blend of mixed media on canvas. Every brushstroke and detail captures the essence of Boozehag's charm and creativity, making it a truly stunning addition to any art collection.

Available exclusively at Art on Tyne Gallery in Oamaru, New Zealand, this charming artwork invites you to experience the joy and allure of Boozehag's artistry firsthand. To make this extraordinary piece your own, reach out to Art on Tyne Gallery by phone at 027 644 5462 or via email at artontyne@gmail.com. Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your collection with the whimsy and enchantment that only Boozehag's art can bring.

Hypnotic blonde features rich bright yellow as its main colour. Don't forget to check out Hypnotic Redhead a similar piece to this one in the popart series.

Discover the magic of Chardonnay Minx, aka Boozehag, and let her unique artistic expression take centre stage in your space. Contact Art on Tyne Gallery today and embark on a journey filled with creativity, laughter, and delightful surprises.

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