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AlpHa-beTa: New Zealand Art

AlpHa-beTa: New Zealand Art

This vibrant artwork titled "AlpHa-beTa is an early surrealist inspired piece from Collette's art career. It is a testament to her creative prowess and unmistakable style.

In this particular New Zealand art piece, Collette has employed every letter of the alphabet, crafting a visual tapestry that extends beyond the confines of the canvas. The letters seamlessly flow around the sides, creating a whimsical and thought-provoking experience for the viewer.

You cannot help but be captivated and entranced by its charm. It serves as a mesmerising conversation starter, as onlookers find themselves engrossed in an engaging quest to discover every letter hidden within the composition. The interplay of rich, bright, and bold acrylic colours dances upon the surface, while delicate metallic silver leaf accents add an ethereal elegance.

Although this specific artwork has already found it's forever home, don't worry, as Collette possesses the remarkable ability to recreate its magic in a completely unique version tailored exclusively for you (Please note, she does not do copies as she likes every piece to be original).

Commissions are one of her specialties, allowing you to embark on a collaborative journey with the artist herself. By commissioning a piece, you can infuse your own personal vision and preferences into the artwork, resulting in a breathtaking creation that resonates with your heart and soul.
So, don't hesitate to explore the possibilities and inquire about commissions. Collette eagerly awaits the chance to bring your artistic dreams to life. Talk to Collette now.

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