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The Spider: Pet Portrait

The Spider: Pet Portrait

"The Spider" by Collette Fergus, a New Zealand contemporary artist. The Cat watches the spider or is it the other way around. A unique cat pet portrait to remember your fur baby, it doesnt have to be ordinary at all.
Keen on your own pet immortalised in a unique way? Collette can add in unique features and remove unwanted elements to make your pet portrait reflect your loved fur babies identity in a unique way that holds that memory even better for you.

Your pet's unique personality can be frozen in time through customised features, ensuring a one-of-a-kind artwork by a New Zealand contemporary artist that truly captures its essence.

Why not reach out to Collette now to discuss your ideas and embark on the journey of creating a remarkable pet portrait with a special place in your heart?

Discover the artistry of pet portraiture by New Zealand artist Collette and get in touch now. Read Collette's commission FAQs for help and advice.

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