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Curiosity: Cat Pet Portrait

Curiosity: Cat Pet Portrait

The cheeky kitty looks around the corner, as curiosity always getting the better of her. A pet portrait with a twist. Wearing a pair of specs adds to the concept and makes this pet portrait unique in its own way.

Measuring 250mm x 250mm its tiny and cute but you can choose any size you desire.

This particular painting won a Highly Commended award at the Small Paintings Exhibition held in Tirau NZ in 2010 where it also found its forver home.

If you're keen on getting your own pet immortalised in a unique way then talk to me now? I can add in unique features and remove unwanted elements to make your pet portrait reflect your beloved fur babies identity in a unique way that holds that memory even better for you.

So don't hesitate, I get many commissions and time is tight, talk to me now and we can discuss what ideas you have and start working on your own unique pet portrait.

New Zealand pet portrait artist

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