Not a Still life with Red Apples

Not a Still life with Red Apples

NFS - Artists Own Collection
An obsession with being told I couldnt paint apples by a school teacher in year 4 brought this stunning piece to life. Although I couldn't bring myself to attempt appales I had to break through that fear. Surrealism helped me break that barrier and produce this painting that I beleive is the jewel in the crown for my artist career, hence not wishing to part with it.

The stereotypical still life of a bowl of fruit is portrayed here with a monarch butterfly playing a role impossible in reality also! Is the butterfly holding the apple or delicately balancing on it, what is happening with the chrysalis? So many questions, you choose the answers.

This painting was selected and featured in the January spot for the New Zealand Artists Calendar 2021

Measuring 620mm x 480mm x 35mm deep.
Artist quality Golden acrylic paints and mediums on canvas.

Collette Fergus - Contemporary New Zealand Artist

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