Whats in my art case?

Whats in my art case?

I need to clean out my mobile paint case as its getting really heavy and hard to close. Its one of those things that you always leave until you have to sort it and now is the time, so I thought why not post about it, others do about their handbag contents and Im sure mine would be rather ‘ahem’ fascinating but this is about art so Im sticking to the case for now!

Why do I have a mobile case, well its for when I teach or when I visit others studios to paint so I keep a basic supply of things in it so I can just grab that instead of having to find and pack stuff up.

So here goes –


Selection of paints, some tubes with caps missing

String of gold beads (Don’t know why they’re in there?)

Lost caps off paint tubes, must replace them!

A pack of gold leaf, half the pages bent in the corner

Gold leaf size with the lid all covered in dried gummy bits

Brush holder with a selection of brushes in it

One of my ‘Collette’ brand of Artists apron with paint stains on it

An empty glass jar with paint dribbles down the side

A sponge

Pot scrub (It’s for texture finishes ok!)

Dropper bottle

Spray bottle half filled with water

Small cardboard box

Remnants of glitter in the corners

Palette knives in an assortment of sizes (Opps one is rusty.)

Pen (Doesn’t work.)

Three pencils (Two need sharpening.)

Eraser (In quite bad nick, must replace it!)

Sticking plasters.  (Not sure why they’re in there, must be being prepared in case of.)


Set of pastel pencils


Pad of disposable palette sheets with dog eared corners (Must straighten it up one day!)

$2 coin, must have been for parking I guess

Name badge from some course I did ages ago

Dried up glue stick

Leaf skeletons

Couple of screws


One D ring (Guess I should top those up

Ipod (that’s flat, wondered where Id left it!))

Scrap of material (Not sure what that was for.)

Hand towel with paint all over it

Photos of my cat

7 business cards, three which are mine

Receipt for varnish fro Gordon Harris (Need that for end of year tax.)

Half a ruler (No I don’t know where the other half is ok!)

A  red button


And last but most definitely least, a dead fly hmmmm that simply has to go


Well I think I really should leave half of that out when I clean it out, might make it easier to transport around.

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Posted: Monday 17 May 2010


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