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Sold Artworks | Collette NZ Artist

Welcome to the sold art gallery 

Here, you'll find a vast collection of Collette's artworks that have been sold or moved on to their forever homes. With over 40 years of experience, there are many more pieces to choose from. Still, this selection should give you a good idea of the incredible work done over the years. If you're interested in commissioning your own bespoke artwork or purchasing a piece from the available selection, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Te Tiki: New Zealand Art
    Southwell School in Hamilton NZ holds an art expo annually and for 2010 they have asked artists to paint something that represents the school on a 150mm x 150mm canvas
  • Morph triptych: Abstract NZ Painting
    This mixed-media triptych features New Zealand sand and captures the essence of movement and transformation. Contact Collette to learn more
  • In Pink: New Zealand Flip Flops  Art
    New Zealand flip flops jandal art by Hamilton artist Collette Fergus. Commission or buy a version of Kiwiana beach art now
  • Bird of Paradise: floral Art
    Add a touch of nature to your space with stunning artwork by Hamilton artists Collette Fergus. Featuring the exotic bird of paradise flower, this contemporary New Zealand piece is the perfect addition to any home or office
  • Pink Bra: NZ breast cancer painting
    Pink Bra is an extraordinary NZ artwork that pays homage to the cause of breast cancer awareness by New Zealand. artist Collette Fergus
  • Cat in the Hat: Pet Portrait
    Want to immortalise your beloved pet in a distinctive manner? With my expertise, I can create a pet portrait that embodies the true essence of your furry companion for you.
  • Four Seasons: New Zealand Art
    Four seasons come to life in stunning commissioned artworks by Collette Fergus. Elevate your space with unique creations that capture the beauty of nature. Contact us today
  • Lets Celebrate: New Zealand Wine Art
    'Let's Celebrate' artwork! Boozehag's bubbly mischief is captured in a corky dance. Commission your own tale of wild nights now!
  • Cruella DeVino: NZ Art
    From the renowned Boozehag series, is another mesmerising Chardonnay Minx artwork by the talented New Zealand contemporary artist, Collette Renee Fergus.
  • Its An Art In Itself: NZ Art
    From the infamous Boozehag series Chardonnay Minx by Collette Renee Fergus #collettefergus #chardonnayminx
  • I Sleep Too!: New Zealand Art
    "I Sleep too!" is an artwork by Collette Renee Fergus from her infamous Boozehag series.
  • Double Vision Too: NZ Art
    Explore the intriguing world of Collette Renee Fergus' Double Vision painting, a playful and thought-provoking addition to her acclaimed Boozehag series. Delight in the beauty of contemporary New Zealand art and add this stunning piece to your collection today.
  • Curiosity: Cat Pet Portrait
    Why not get a unique pet portrait of your beloved pet in NZ now? With added elements to make it more fun. Talk to Collette now
  • Girls Can Do Anything!: New Zealand Art
    Girls can do anything, including use a drill even if its for opening her wine! NZ art by Collette
  • Miss Patty OFurniture: NZ Art
    From Rarotonga to NZ art, this is Boozehag a unique fun-loving character by Collette, order yours now
  • Double Vision: NZ Art
    Boozehag as she is known but also Chardonnay Minx, emerges as a charismatic, almost cartoon-like character. With a touch of the mischievous Lisa Simpson (before she existed!)
  • Martini Queen: New Zealand Art
    Martini Queen a Boozehag mermaid in a martini, New Zealand art by Collette, order yours now
  • Intravino: New Zealand Art
    Intravino wine, NZ art by Collette, get your commission now
  • Too Many Cocktails: NZ Art
    Check out the Boozehag for yourself in this playful series where wine and fun become intertwined, allowing you to revel in the sheer delight of Collette's work
  • Iva Fetish: NZ Pop Art
    Iva a Fetish is a fun piece from the fabulous Boozehag Series. Commission a unique piece from Collette now
  • Snapped: New Zealand Art
    Opps caught out! A fun painting from the infamous Boozehag series by Collette Renee Fergus. Get yours now
  • Little Black Dress: NZ Art
    Little Black Dress is a fabulously glamorous painting by Collette an NZ artist. And don't miss the Mulled Wine Recipe Boozehag style
  • We Went Snorkelling: New Zealand Art
    From the infamous Boozehag series Chardonnay Minx by Collette Renee Fergus #collettefergus #chardonnayminx
  • Life's A Beach: New Zealand Art
    From the infamous Boozehag series Chardonnay Minx at her beach house by Collette Renee Fergus

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