Pet Portraits Gallery

Pet Portraits Gallery

Pet portraits can be a wonderful keepsake of your treasued furbaby. Collette will add any extra detail to the painting that makes it unique to your pet and remove the background so it becomes more of a focus on them thst their surroundings.
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  • Mouse Catcher
    Catching a mouse but the wrong type. Pablo the cat was fascinated by cords and would chew through mouse cords, so thank goodness for wireless ones! A contemporary pet cat portrait. Measuring 1020mm x 760mm stretched canvas ready to hang
    Collette contemporary artist
    New Zealand
  • Fur Baby I
    Cute little portrait of a Chihuahua dog. This little guy has so much character. A unique gift idea for pet lovers, have your pet painted by New Zealand pet portrait artist Collette Fergus
    300mm x 300mm pet portrait. Mixed media on canvas $170.00 NZD
  • Kat
    Based on a Maine Coon cat this small painting is a stark contrast to the huge size of this breed of domestic long-haired cat. Measuring 250mm x 250mm x 40mm deep $170.00NZD
  • Fur Baby II
    Pet portrait of a curious Jack Russell dog. A unique pet portrait by New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus300mm x 300mm pet portrait. Mixed media on canvas $170.00 NZD
  • Fur Baby III
    A cute little pet portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie dog 300mm x 300mm pet portrait. Mixed media on canvas $170.00 NZD
    Unique pet portraits by New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus
  • Princess Timothy Anne
    How to give an animal identity issues. We are sure the vet wonders about this lovely old boys name! This is Collette's daughter's cat and yes thats his name! Add in unique features to make your pet portrait reflect your loved fur babies identity.

    300mm x 400mm
    $340 NZD

    Copyright Collette Fergus New Zealand Contemporary Artist
  • Dress ups
    SOLD Edelweis the bi-coloured eye cat in his costume of angel wings and pom-poms.
    A mixed media artwork using artists high quality pastes and gels.
    Measuring 1000mm x 760mm x 40mm deep
  • Party Boy
    SOLD What a face huh! Yet another short nosed dog, the good old bull dog! And he is ready to party, well he was when his pom poms were all intact! Collette will add unique factors in to your pets portrait to give it the character you want, a unique gift idea for pet lovers
    Measuring 460mm x 460mm
    Sides painted black
    Mixed media painting.

    Collette - New Zealand Contemporary Pet Portrait Artist