Dr Sketchy's in Hamilton, a pre Birthday treat for me!

Dr Sketchy's in Hamilton, a pre Birthday treat for me!

Dr Sketchys


What is Dr Sketchy’s? Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school is the world's premier alternative drawing movement. Artists draw glamorous underground performers like burlesque dancers; drag artists etc in an atmosphere of drinking and frivolity!

It was founded back in 2005 Brooklyn, New York by artists Molly Crabapple. Dr. Sketchy's has now spread to over 100 cities around the world including our own city of Hamilton who celebrated the opening night last night at Gravity Bar with beautiful Burlesque dancers and the wonderful Diva Cologne hosting!

I popped along to the opening along with my wonderful hubby and some friends, taking along my coloured pencils (I couldn’t find my sketching kit so they had to do!) a sketch pad and my trusty stiletto handbag!

Organised by the lovely Michelle Parish (Thank you for brining Dr Sketchy’s to Glamilton Michelle!) it was a fun evening although I wasn’t sure what to expect at first having not ever attended a session before! There was nothing to worry about however as they were truly a friendly and inviting group.

Competitions were held for different things like the best sketch using your opposite hand which I won to my surprise!!!! I also won the best dressed audience member so it was all really rather exciting.

The entertainment of burlesque dancing was simply divine and so classy! Most poses of the models were in 5 minute segments so you had to work fast! I think I enjoyed the pressure more than the 10 minute ones! It was a chance to do some drawing that I rarely ever do, in fact to be honest I wasn’t sure if I could draw people at all!!!! My foray into that side of things was mainly my dear Boozehag   so orange triangle faces and gangly limbs do not make an excellent life drawer I don’t think!

I won a bar tab and some other gorgeous little prizes so I was over the moon!!!!

The winning sketch gets to go on the Dr Sketchy’s site…..not sure what it looked like as we didn’t get to see it, the runner up was sitting beside me and her sketch was gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what won!

All in all a fantastic evening and really entertaining; it was something really different for Hamilton and I’m really looking forward to going to many more Dr Sketchy’s events.

You can see my sketches here on my site, I only put up four of my favourites but it will give you an idea anyway! Check them out here – Collette’s Dr Sketchy’s

If you want to read up more on the movement check out the original site http://www.drsketchy.com/

Posted: Friday 13 August 2010


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