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Unveiling the Artistic Odyssey: A Painting A Day

Unveiling the Artistic Odyssey: A Painting A Day

In the vast world of art, "A Painting A Day" is not a novel concept.

A quick Google search will inundate you with countless endeavours, leaving you needing help figuring out where to begin. Yet, most of these endeavours fizzle out swiftly, as the discipline required to create something every single day is immense, particularly when it comes to artwork.

My approach to "A Painting A Day" sets it apart from the rest. I aspire for it to be a leading light amidst the masses by offering a unique blend of art-related insights, both from a business perspective and a glimpse into the daily life of a New Zealand painter. This blog aims to captivate artists striving to establish careers in New Zealand and art enthusiasts curious about the intricate workings of an artist's world.

Throughout my artistic journey, I've had the privilege of venturing into many areas of the arts industry. From running my own art space to establishing an arts cooperative (which, I must admit, was only sometimes cooperative), managing a commercial gallery, teaching art, and mentoring fellow practitioners, my experiences have led me to engage in motivational speaking for art groups.

Consequently, as an artist in New Zeland, I've become a trusted resource for numerous individuals throughout the world, seeking guidance on copyright, navigating galleries, paperwork, exhibitions, and more.

pencil planning - Image by inspireus from Pixabay

I will create a "straightforward" painting centred around a dot each day. It may sound simplistic, and these creations won't be available for sale, as they form part of a larger project unveiled at the culmination of these 365 days. However, by simplifying the process, I hope to find the much-needed breathing space that allows artists to feel a sense of fulfilment. Embracing simplicity also safeguards against potential failure in this ambitious undertaking.

While most artworks within this project will showcase the sgraffito technique, encompassing 365 days leaves room for diverse artistic endeavours. I encourage you, my readers, to freely inquire about other techniques or art-related matters that pique your curiosity. Drop me a line Im always keen to chat to other artists.

I want to express my gratitude to the Hamilton Community Arts Council for their support in funding this project, which will ultimately become a valuable resource for fellow artists, offering insights and guidance on various subjects crucial to building successful careers.

Additionally, I extend heartfelt thanks to Ricoh Copiers for their contribution to printed materials, which will form an integral part of the final project at the culmination of this transformative year.

Check out how it all went in this Recap Article...it wasnt quite how I planned!

Posted: Friday 1 January 2010


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