It's the Attention to Detail that matters in Packaging

It's the Attention to Detail that matters in Packaging

Attention to detail when you’re doing your own line of products whether its artwork, prints, bars of soap or even plants. What I’m talking about here is things like packaging and especially stickers.

Finishing off packaging with an awesome looking sticker can give your product that star appeal; it can create a professional and attractive finish without spending a fortune.

Using such things as generic boxes, swing tags or envelopes for instance you can just add your sticker to them to finish the look off. 

A friend who owns a candle-making business uses her stickers on tissue paper when she wraps the candles and again to seal the plain paper bags she puts them into. It really makes that finishing touch so much more professional. 

KirstyAnne - Timeless Creations 


Printing your own at home vs. Professional Printing

Yes, you can print them yourself and I’ve done some over the years but there are pitfalls like

  • You might need a special printer for the type of stickers you want to produce
  • Cost of the consumables (Printer Ink is often not cheap)
  • Time designing, sorting, printing, cutting etc

When I printed my own stickers at home I found sometimes the ink would run or the paper wouldn’t go through the machine right or I’d run out of an ink colour at a crucial moment making the whole project an even costlier exercise than I had expected.

This is where going with a professional really saved me. is a New Zealand sticker printing company based in Auckland.

They have a very professional and fast service and their process are super reasonable.I literally received my stickers just a few days after I ordered them.

I decided on a very generic approach to my design so I got them to create a sticker for my business just using my logo which meant I could use it on anything I wanted to. I like the versatility as I have my finger is many pies these days and my logo covers them all. I didn’t want to make it just for one option and this works well for me.


I use my stickers for floral bouquet swing tags, on the backs of my paintings, to seal envelopes and on gift packages. To be honest I don/t think I’ll ever run out of ideas for what I could use them on, its unlimited. As you will see on the stickerdot website they show them being used for all sorts of purposes. Branding is so important for a quality finsh but also to get your name out there in general. Keeping things consistent with your brand by doing something like this helps tie everything in together.

The best thing about Stickerdot is the variety of choices they have, you can get vinyl, paper, metallic, different shapes, colours in fact anything you want in a sticker, check them out here or click on the image below

Variety of stickers from stickerdot company

They also produce some pretty amazing business cards and again the prices are super reasonable. Check them out here, click on image to go to their site.

So how does it translate to artists? 

It’s always a good idea to add the details of your artwork on the back of paintings, like medium used, date it was created and dimensions. Having your address and contact details can be a good idea too and it’s so much easier peeling off a sticker to add to the backs of paintings when you’re in a hurry to ship them off than having to write it all out and find something that’s going to look professional or tidy. 

I use mine on the back of my art with a larger label

Having worked in galleries I can tell you that a lot of artists skip this vital step and the amount of times we had to do a process of elimination to find out who a piece belonged to at showtime was more often than I care to remember. A sticker with spaces to hand write the title, date and dimensions is a good way to get value for money especially as most artwork will be one off piece, and for things like print runs a sticker with set details on it with the artists name and contact details makes life so much easier.


Stickerdot was really easy to work with, they made sure I understood what I was ordering and we sorted the specifications so easily. Give them a go, you won’t regret it.



Posted: Thursday 2 June 2022


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