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Tracey: Dress Painting

Tracey: Dress Painting

Step into the vintage allure of the 'Tracey Dress' from the distinguished 100 Dresses collection. This charming swing dress, adorned in purples and blues, is reminiscent of the 1950s. The meticulous detailing extends to a neckline that boasts intricate patterns, while the skirt showcases an abstract composition that adds a touch of artistic flair.

This watercolour artwork is created using Schmincke watercolour paints on paper, measuring 210 x 297 mm.

The fusion of nostalgic 1950s styling and the artist's contemporary interpretation brings a unique and visually striking composition. The delicate play of colours and abstract patterns invites viewers to appreciate the intricate details that define the character of the dress.

Priced at $40 NZD unframed, this dress painting represents not merely fashion but a celebration of timeless elegance and artistic expression. It invites enthusiasts of both vintage aesthetics and fine art, offering a glimpse into the artist's mastery in capturing the essence of a bygone era through the vibrant strokes of Schmincke watercolours.

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