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A Day in the life of one crazy artist....oh thats me!

A Day in the life of one crazy artist....oh thats me!

I have a solo show coming up so today has been about creating artwork for that more than anything else. The paintings are coming along nicely but still a fair way to go before I’m happy with the final selection. I like the artwork to hang around on my walls for a little while so I can look at them and scrutinise them for any missing elements and so that family and friends who are inclined to do so, will tell me if they see things that need changing or adding to.

Now life isn’t as simple as painting all day, I often wish it was but reality is there is a lot more to do when working on an exhibition especially when its only two weeks away until opening night.

I had an interview today with the fabulous Geoff Lewis from Hamilton Press (He never misquotes me and is a really nice guy!) we talked about what Im trying to achieve with the show and somehow got on to the wine I make (The bubbling bottles around the room caught his attention!) and funnily enough he is going to use that in the editorial they’re doing on me! I will be providing wine from my cellar at the exhibition so it’s quite relevant actually!

The photographer was lovely and we managed to get some shots with my cat Pablo in front of his portraits so it all worked out well! 

A bit of computer work came into play, read that as emails and chatting with my publicist the wonderful Denise who was working on things for me! Thank you Denise you rock! Cover letters for invites and some paperwork out of the way it was onto some exercise, which I hate but it’s a necessary evil so there went the morning.


Im not one for slacking off so after a quick lunch (while reading more emails!) I got back onto the job of painting. Today’s efforts saw a Siamese cat nearly finished and the boozy pair of cats (Edelweiss and Pablo.) who don’t really drink or for that matter even know each other start to appear on another canvas together. You have to see it to understand ok!

 trouble, a painting of drunk cats by Collette Fergus

Fortunately Hamilton is used to seeing me in my weird painting clothes so didn’t bother changing to go to my meeting over Hamilton East at Café 547 with the darling Karen and my mate Bruce who is helping me with the preparations of the venue and signage etc. Gosh its great to have really cool friends, big shout out to you guys, you really rock, I appreciate your help ok! We went over issues like catering, do we want fruit juice or punch for the non-alcoholic drinks, how much wine is needed, the prospect of peeling paint off walls with the signage (Yes I have to repaint if that happens!) and what to do with drunks and idiots who misbehave (Mental note we may need bouncers again!) and what our timeline was for the preparation and then the actual event. Phew, a good meeting and a fantastic cup of coffee thanks Karen!

 So it was back to the most important job of painting again and that took up the rest of the afternoon. Not going to tell you about the other stuff, like shoe shopping for one daughter, talking to costume hirecompanies about waitresses outfits, prepping dinner, feeding the cats, doing a few loads of washing and dropping off invites to people who wanted them!

So that’s a typical day ok….none are ever the same so I can use this story line yet again and it will always be different!


Posted: Monday 26 April 2010


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