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In the World of Artists Mannequins

In the World of Artists Mannequins

We have all seen them, the wooden creatures with movable joints that contort in all directions. I actually have two different sized ones in my studio but as I don’t usually draw or paint people I’ve never used mine for more than decoration! Boozehag, her of weird proportions never seemed to need that sort of perspective!

So what artist mannequin is best for drawing?

The fun doesn’t stop at just human bodies either, in fact there’s a whole plethora of mannequins you can get, from dinosaurs and horses to traditional anatomical male and female figures or skeletons through to  realistic skulls which can be positioned at virtually any angle, and they are immeasurably useful aids for human skull drawing. 

I found the ones pictured below to be the better type for human figures, click on the photo to go to the site where you can buy them

artists mannequins

The human skeleton structure joints, including the jaw, are fully articulated for a full range of motion.

If you have trouble with hands or feet then there are foot and hand mannequins for that extra detail in drawing extremities.

The mannequins also come in plastic where they are more detailed but I don’t think they’re any better or worse than the wooden ones. I just think the wood looks more stylish, well as décor anyway!

If you are keen to purchase such items check out the range at www.gordonharris.co.nz they have a good selection to choose from.

The photo above is from Collettes Facebook Blog Warren & Wendy Woods Isolation Holiday where she explores different poses and ideas every day during one of the strictest lockdowns in the world in New Zealand 2020, check it out if you want to see more. The painting in the photo is Eduard Munch's "The Scream" Warren and Wendy style also created by Collette, an ironic idea considering artists mannequins dont have mouths!

Interestingly they dont stock the little key-ring ones anymore. I really want one so if anyone knows where you can get those from, please let me know!

Posted: Saturday 24 April 2010


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