Entering Art Competitions

Entering Art Competitions

Artists should make an effort to enter art competitions for several reasons. The pressure of deadlines, the prestige of winning and the opportunity to get exposure of your work are the main ones, but don’t forget to take into account, that you can also sell your work as these shows open up many chances for people who are there to buy artwork to see what you can do, so why miss that chance. It also enables you to improve on your skills as you work on something that is specifically meant to be your best work and since you’re painting/photographing/sculpting etc something that is from the heart and soul, it will be something special and that will be obvious in what you create.


I’ve had moments where a rejection letter has come in and felt disheartened, thinking why do I bother, but I’ve also had acceptance ones too and been part of some wonderful exhibitions. I have won a couple of small ones, and had the prestige of getting selected for one or two really well known ones so I can’t complain.

The thing is I recommend to others to enter these awards and shows but don’t get around to doing it myself much these days for one reason or another. This week has seen a bit of spare time and a lot of desire to paint some new stuff, it might be the sun shining or it could be the fact I have recently come out of a really dark place and feel the load has lightened and I can concentrate on some new energy and new artwork. It will be wonderful if I get accepted into some more award shows, even better if I get an award or two, but for now I’m just happy to be creating some bold new works and having some goal to work towards!

There are many shows and competitions on around New Zealand, in fact why limit it to just that, internationally there are thousands more to enter, so I’m encouraging you too to submit some work and see what happens!

Have a look my blog post on the latest New Zealand Art Competitions for what shows you can enter



Posted: Friday 10 September 2010


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