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Boy The Movie: A Must See New Zealand Classic Movie

Boy The Movie: A Must See New Zealand Classic Movie

I live New Zealand movies and am a staunch supporter of them, hungrily hunting out NZ movies on our hiring system Fatso.com and ordering every single one regardless of what they’re about.

Its not that often there are many that play at the theatres so when they do I go along to see them as nothing beats the big screen.

Last night I watched the movie ‘Boy’ and it didn’t fail me or my family, all of us finding it funny and heartfelt. The theatre was full and the audience seemed to love the movie as much as we did, erupting into gales of laughter rather than the usual sniggering you usually hear at the theatre, it really was that funny and I guess for most of us, it hit home in that some would have lived that sort of life while some of knew people like that and could relate to many of the situations and jokes.

The movie is set in 1984 an era I grew up in so that helped a lot to my ‘getting’ some things, it didn’t however alienate the younger kids or the older generation who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole movie.

Boy played by James Rolleston, and his younger brother Rocky who was played by Te Aho Eketone-whitu live with their grandmother and several of their cousins on the east coast of New Zealand, the two boys Mum having passed away and their Dad in prison, you kind of get that the other cousins are abandoned also, but this story is about Boy and his relationship with his father who he pretends is anything but in prison. The Dad returns and we learn a lot about him and how he affects the two boys, both in very different ways.

Watch out for characters like Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest; Dallas could have a movie on her own, her life is one that is poignant and moving, yet barely touched on and I imagine would be very deeply felt by others.

At times it feels sad and desperate and you want to reach out and hug the young boys but the comedy takes over and you see things differently again. I’m not going to spoil the end as its pure magic, so much so I can’t wait to see it again and trust me, I never watch movies more than once if I can help it! This one is bound to be a cult classic, it’s cleverly done and I highly recommend it to anyone, not just kiwis of the 1980’s vintage either.

Posted: Saturday 3 April 2010


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