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Freeing Children from Brick Kilns slavery in Pakistan

Freeing Children from Brick Kilns slavery in Pakistan

I was deeply moved when one of my customers shared the heartbreaking reality faced by families trapped in debt slavery. The unimaginable conditions they endure, where children are forced to work in brick kilns to repay insurmountable debts when their parents fall ill. It's a cycle of poverty, deprivation, and missed educational opportunities.

To make a difference, a charity exhibition was organised to raise funds and awareness for these families. Artists were tasked with creating artwork on boards the size of the bricks these families produced. The goal was to sell these artworks and contribute to breaking the chains of debt enslavement.

Among the pieces on display is my creation titled "The Dress," a compelling mixed-media artwork that explores the themes of resilience and hope.
I'm thrilled to share that my artwork was successfully sold at the auction. It's a gratifying feeling to know that I've played a part in supporting such a worthy cause and helping these families regain their freedom.

If you appreciate my work and enjoy reading my blog, I kindly ask for your support through a small donation. By clicking the button below, you can contribute to my ongoing artistic endeavours, including future charity projects like this one. Your contribution will make a meaningful impact, and I am immensely grateful for your generosity.
Together, let's make a positive change and empower these Pakistani families to break free from the chains of debt slavery.

Posted: Sunday 17 June 2018


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