Kids Art Work, did someone keep hold of yours for you?

Kids Art Work, did someone keep hold of yours for you?

I have quite a few pieces of both my daughter’s artwork around the house, it brings back many happy memories of days painting or drawing together and the treasured gifts brought home from school or kindergarten have pride of place too. Several pieces I have framed up and they hang in the family living areas of our home along with my work and other artist’s artwork that I have slowly been collecting.

I feel a tinge of sadness that I don’t have any early pieces of mine, in fact the earliest piece I have is from when I first took up oil painting in my teens. However I cant be too hard on my parents for not keeping the millions of paintings I must have dragged home with me each day as I literally stood in front of the easel all day if the teachers allowed me to, so they would have had build another room just for all the paintings!


A couple of ways to deal with all the artwork your kids might bring home is to scan and save them into your computer so you can look at them anytime you want; in fact you can also do what I do with my images and have them randomly appear on your screen in screensaver mode so you can enjoy them as surprise moments! Or how about laminating them and making up a folder of them. The laminating process flattens out the wrinkles etc and helps preserve the artwork. I’ve seen one innovative parent use these as placemats for the dinner table, which is an interesting concept and much fun for the kids involved!


You never know if one of your kids might be a well known artist one day and these little treasures from their school days could be really important, but regardless, its more about the special mementos of days gone by and innocence remembered.

Posted: Thursday 18 March 2010


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