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One Size Fits All Exhibition & Competition 2018

One Size Fits All Exhibition & Competition 2018

The One Size Fits All Show 2018 is all set to go, so get out your brushes, canvas, cameras etc etc and get creating. Open to all 2D entries.
The show/competition is set for 10th April 2018, sponsors are sorted so we are ready to go! 
The show will be held at the Frankton Gallery, Hamilton
Please get in touch with them for entry forms or download the pdf entry form file listed below.

Big thank you to Frankton Gallery and Gordon Harris for generously sponsoring the prizes.
Entry forms will be ready to download in the next day or so, let me know on here if you want one. Also please share this info around as the more the merrier to make this show pump!
Most important information for now is the size of your artwork, it must be 12" x12" outside dimensions (This includes frames if using anything other than a 12" x 12" canvas)
Artworks must be ready to hang.
$10 entry fee per piece, maximum of 3 pieces per artist
Work must be into the gallery by the 3rd April 2018


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Posted: Friday 19 January 2018


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